Premium Membership Terms & Conditions

Premium Membership Programme

Become a Premium Member:

Annual Premium Membership Amount: Rs.5999/- (inclusive of all taxes)

Key Features:

  1. Avail 2% additional Discount on each and every purchase.
  2. 500/- value reward points credited in your wallet every month.
  3. Free & priority product Delivery at your doorstep with no minimum order.
  4. Deals & offer exclusively for members.
  5. Join Lab community free of cost.
  6. Coming soon… Get Free Expert advice for your all Laboratory needs.


  1. Reduced cost of purchase.
  2. Amount paid for membership would be reimbursed in the form of reward points before expiry of membership plan, that’s make your membership plan free of cost.
  3. Enjoy fast & free delivery at your door steps.
  4. Get benefits you up-to 25% additional discounts on selected products time to time.
  5. Share your thoughts & ideas & enhance your knowledge on a platform, where you can see expert advice, training modules, blogs & many more.. with no extra cost followed by ask questions from blogger/Expert & post your comments as well.
  6. Free Consultation if you need help to setup a Laboratory, Blood Banks, Quality Accreditations, Lab upgradation, Lab Designing & product purchasing. Coming soon…


Premium  Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership fee: Annual membership fee of Rs. 5999/- (inclusive of applicable GST) to be paid by the customer to enjoy the benefits of the membership club. This fee is not returnable in any case.

The membership is subject to following terms & conditions:

  1. Labsakha has a right to accept or deny the membership of any customer or any member.
  2. Members are only authorized to get extra 2% discount on products price & free of cost delivery for any amount of invoice.
  3. Membership is valid for 1 year from the date of payment of membership fee.
  4. Reward points, Promocodes are added facilities to the members and can be withdrawn at any time without any prior notice.
  5. Rest other facilities , benefits and offers can be withdrawn any time without any prior notice to the members.